Tuscany Bike Tours Suggestions

Tuscany is an incredible land. With its 7 world heritage UNESCO sites, 20.200 assets related to historical heritage (museums, buildings of historical interest, etc.) and 8 Natural parks – wherever you go – you are perhaps very close to something remarkable.

Envisioning a Tuscany Bike Tour is like creating a wonderful neckless. Why?

For a new neckless, you should select the jewels you love, then find the perfect sequence to ensure the right harmony in term of size and colors, and finally the right length of the thread.

Similarly, when we create a bike tour, we pick the places we would like to be part of the itinerary, then, we add peculiar “stops” to create a story.

Our passion is to go beyond an ordinary Tuscany bike tour, going off the beaten routes.

Dedicating some time to add these additional stops is allowing us to create amazing opportunities to interact with the local community, always willing to share – with a remarkable proudness – the story of the place where they live.

So, what are the best bike itineraries in Tuscany?

Here you can find 5 suggestions. Each Tuscany bike tour will allow you to discover a different dimension of this region.

1. Chianti bike – Daily Tuscany bike tour from Florence

  • Main characteristics of the tour: Enjoy Chianti landscape, rich in art & history.
  • Bike type: electrical mountain bike, mountain bike or gravel.
  • Itinerary: Greve in Chianti, Panzano, Montefioralle, Badia a Passignano, Greve in Chianti.
  • Overall distance: 22.8km, Ele.Gain 637mt.
  • Itinerary, 3D video.
  • Experiences to add: Wine tasting is a must.
  • “My” special stops: the abbey “Badia a Passignano”, the “Slow Road” to observe Chianti landscape while sitting on pieces of art, visit artist’s studio, meet the widespread work

2. Crete Senesi – Daily Tuscany bike tour from Florence

  • Main characteristics: perhaps one of the best Tuscany bike tours. It includes also a stretch of the famous Eroica cycling tour.
  • Bike type: electrical mountain bike, mountain bike or gravel.
  • Itinerary: Asciano, Monte Sante Marie, Arbia, Vescona, Asciano
  • Overall distance: 40.1km, Ele.Gain 798mt.
  • Itinerary, 3D video.
  • Experience to consider: A stop for a bath in a SPA, natural hot springs in Rapolano.
  • “My” special stops: via Leonina and “Terme San Giovanni

3. Tuscany coast – Daily bike tour

  1. a. Main characteristics: San Rossore Natural Park, Pisa, and Calci with its marvelous Certosa
    b. Bike type: electrical mountain bike, mountain bike or gravel.
    c. Itinerary: Visit Viareggio, San Rossore Natural Park, Pisa, and Calci.
    d. Overall distance: 41.2km, Ele.Gain 194mt.
    e. See full maps 3D video: to be released shortly.
    f. “My” special stops: Viareggio, with its Art Nouveau and “La Certosa” at Calci.

4. Via Francigena – Multi-day Tuscany bike tour

  • Main characteristics: Tuscany cycling tour as a deep dive into nature.
  • Bike type: electrical mountain bike, mountain bike.
  • Itinerary: Lucca, San Miniato, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena.
  • Overall distance: 133km, Ele.Gain 2100mt.
  • Experience to consider: “Get lost” in San Gimignano and Siena to enjoy these amazing UNESCO sites.
  • “My” special stops: “Le Caldane” ancient thermal springs, “Bar dell’ Orso” in Monteriggioni.

5. Elba island – Multi-day Tuscany bike tour

  • Main characteristics: stunning views, swim in crystal water.
  • Bike type: road bike, electrical mountain bike, mountain bike, gravel.
  • Itinerary: Portoferraio, Marciana Alta, Marina di Campo, Porto Azzurro, Cavo, Portoferraio
  • Overall distance: 117.6km, Ele.Gain 2879mt.
  • Experience to consider: Just relax and eat fresh fish!
  • “My” special stops: Capo Sant’Andrea, the “island within the island” and the “Black beach”.

Frequent questions

What is the best period for a Tuscany bike tour?

Unless it is a very bad rainy day or extremely cold, in Tuscany cycling is enjoyable across the entire year.

The winter (low seasons) is perfect to take profit of good prices and fewer people around. Winter season in Tuscany is amazing for active riders that, with the proper winter gear bike, are willing to explore this incredible land.

From April up to October, the temperature is in general mild and cycling is a joy for everybody. In August, it is better to bike in the morning to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Are Tuscany bike tours family friendly? Or for biking with kids?

In Tuscany, there are several bike tours that are family friendly however the vast majority of the most famous routes are pretty hilly and not ideal for kids (less than 12 years old).

For young bikers I would suggest the following 4 itineraries:

  • Arno river cycling route – you can go from “Le Cascine” in Florence to Signa and back. Flat, easy. In Signa, there is also the opportunity to enjoy a nice park – with a small lake – perfect for kids. The park is called “Stato libero dei Renai”.
  • Parco Naturale dell’ Uccellina – almost flat. Very nice. Good in summer because it is pretty shady.
  • Viareggio pine forest” – It is a park perfect for kids. Multiple opportunities to rent funny bikes for kids including a kind of a sitting bike cart with 3 wheels. Very very fun!
  • From Viareggio to mouth of Serchio. Flat, easy, you are basically cycling close to the beach. A stop to cool down in the sea is perfect.

What kind of bike should I use for a cycling tour in Tuscany?

Bike road is perfect if you want to stay on the streets. To be more flexible I would opt for a mountain bike (it is also more comfortable). In both cases, I would suggest you consider the use of an e-bike; definitively the best option especially if we have friends or family members that are less fit. E-bikes will allow them to enjoy the bike ride without any physical or emotional stress.

Which kind of approach would you suggest between self-guided or with a bike tour leader?

Unless you a super fan of self-guided tours, I would suggest taking advantage of a local certified bike tour operator. Everything will be easy (bike logistics, itinerary, etc.) and the result guaranteed. At the same token, you will have the opportunity to learn more things about the places you are visiting. The guide will help you to better understand the places that you are visiting, and this is a great added value. Your guide will also be able to adjust the itinerary in case of an unplanned issue. Your time during vacation is very precious.

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Questions? Feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to support you.