From thoughtfully selected accommodations (for multi-day tours), delicious Tuscan food, and top e-bikes made in Italy.

Yes, the e-bikes are included.

Yes. Top-quality bike helmet (MIPS certified) will be provided. Please note that the use of helmet is required. Safety first.

Electric bikes do take some of the pain out of climbing, but they don’t do the climbing for you. e-bikes only add to the power you’re personally putting out; therefore, you still have to work to conquer the climbs

Electric bikes are great “equalizers”. If your partner is a strong cyclist, and you’re not, the e-bike allows you still to ride together. If you’re afraid that you’ll be the slowest cyclist in a group, the e-bike gives you the confidence to keep up. Or if you just want to take it easy on a more challenging tour, the e-bike comes to the rescue. Electric-assist bikes provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. The harder you pedal, the more power the engine gives back.

Yes. In this case you will be responsible for all shipping and maintenance procedures, assembly and disassembly as needed. While booking, communicate your will and we’ll try to accommodate it, please let us know in advance.

Yes. You’ll need to bring your own cycling shoes and pedals to be installed by our guides at the beginning of the tour. We strongly recommend that riders who plan to clip in have prior experience riding this way before their tour.

If you prefer to use your own saddle, you are welcome to bring it. Our guides will install it for you at the beginning of the tour.

Not at all! Our trips are not athletic contests. If you walk or bike to stay fit, or if you swim, play tennis or you go to the gym, you shouldn’t have any trouble on our tours. Thanks to our e-bikes you’ll be able to get the aid you need, if any.

Tours can be classified in 3 categories:

  • Easy – enroll if you have some experience of riding a bike.
  • Moderate – enroll if you are generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions.
  • Advanced – enroll if you are a strong cyclist, willing to use Tuscany’s roads for an extraordinary bike workout.

Our e-bike tours are not for advanced bikers (unless clearly specified) and you don’t have to be mega fit to enjoy a tour. However, it is imperative that you are able to manage a bicycle on main roads with traffic and you have the ability to ride a bicycle confidently and responsibly. That’s why minimum age is at least, 12 years old. Our tours are designed to be safe and relaxing, but are not recommended for pregnant women.

For instant booking tours, the enrollment is in real time. For Private tours, you’ll get an email within 24 hours from our administrator for confirmation and planning. We love SOLO travelers; no minimum number required to start the trip for most of the tours. Check the tour details. Safety is one of they key values for Tuscany Quintessence. In case of adverse weather conditions or any not safe situation the tour can be modified/cancelled. Your health and safety come first for us.100% reimbursement guaranteed in these cases.

An average of 1 guide for every 8 travellers.

Yes. For safety reason we prefer to have children big enough (above 12) to be independent in managing their e-bikes. Please note that minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Yes. We suggest to take with you children above 5 years. Please note that minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

When booking a tour, we recommend you to communicate your restrictions, allergies, and preferences for restaurant meals

When our e-bike tours provide night accommodation, they have a price in a double room, but it is possible to communicate the need to have a single room and we will arrange it for you with a supplement.

Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.

As you prefer! The preferred option is through our website. For “Instant booking” tours, the confirmation is in real time. For ‘Go private’ ones, you’ll be re-contacted by e-mail by our administrator to confirm your reservation in 24h. You can book also via email.

It depends on the tour. For bikepacking tours: each biker will carry his/her soft and lightweight luggage (provided) on the bike (37L). Details are provided in the tour descriptions. For other multi-day tours, no need to move luggage or luggage are transported by the Tuscany Quintessence van. During the day, everything you need should fit into your personal small daypack that you should take with you.

Tuscany Quintessence wants you to be comfortable in every situation. To make sure you’ve covered all your bases, see our packing list for suggestions and recommendations.

While booking the tour you can communicate your clothing needs. Tuscany Quintessence can provide high-quality cycling gear branded by Tuscany Quintessence for a supplemental fee. This must be agreed to in advance to guarantee you the right size clothing.

Rain or shine, the tour will take place. Please bring suitable rain gear in case of bad weather forecast. We ask participants to show up on the day of their tour even in the event of rain. A no show will incur full cost of the tour. If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, no payment will be taken.
Please Note: If we feel the weather is too severe to run the tour it is at our sole discretion to cancel the tour. Please read terms and conditions.

Thanks to our online security system, we are able to accept all payment methods. Cash is accepted in case of last-minute booking.

Yes! Our team is willing to help you in suggesting you the right location to stay in the night before the 1 day bike tour or the same night of the 1-day bike tour. We have implemented solid partnerships with key players across Tuscany such as hotels, agritourism or B&B.

During our tour we will have the Tuscany Quintessence drone flying and making some video from the top (if the weather conditions are good). The short video will be shared for free at the end of the tour.

Tuscany Quintessence knows how important it is for you to share with your friends the incredible experience you are living while you are on tour. That’s why we offer a free WI-FI connection with our hot-spot: You can share photo and video real time.