3 reasons why you should ride an electric assisted bike

Subtitle: An Ironman on e-bike.

1. Electric assisted bike is very fun.
2. Electric assisted bike is more fun than you think.
3. Electric assisted bike will magically make you fall in love.

Few weeks ago, I invited Leonardo Nocentini, one of my best friends, to take part in a Tuscany bike tour with my electric assisted bikes. I was keen to get his valuable opinion on the tour, on the bikes etc.

Let me say that Leonardo is not “one of us”, he is one of the strongest triathletes in the word. He took part 2 times to the final race in Kona of Ironman world championship.
Regardless of his superpower legs, he was really keen to try an electric assisted bike and immediately accepted my invitation to join me for a daily e-bike tour in Tuscany.
Of course, I was looking at him trying to read his feelings on his face also because Leonardo is not able to lie.

A big smile

You may believe it or not, but after a few meters, on his face I noticed a big smile. He was really surprised about how fun was cycling with this kind of bikes. A real joy also for me!
The fact that someone like Leonardo appreciated electric assisted bike for a bike tour, was the proof that e-bikes are really fun, and are for anyone!

And I was smiling too; in fact I was able to match Leonardo speed, with just a little additional help from my e-bike! 

Tuscany Electric Bike Tour with Tuscany Quintessence

And you, have you ever considered using an e-bike for your next active bike tour in Tuscany? 4 considerations…

Trust me, the e-bike can help you make this type of active vacation a reality. Here 4 considerations of why you should evaluate electric assisted bike especially for a bike tour in a region like Tuscany where the spectacular roads are rarely flat:

  1. Couples – Based on recent statistics (Bike Summit 2019 by Legambiente), 35% of bike tourists are couples. Often they have different skill levels. Sometimes the less patient (or less interested) spouse tries to step beside the enthusiasm, but eventually slows down or rides behind the party – it’s not much fun for anyone.
  2. Family  – Children or grandparents cannot have the same speed or distance as the rest of the family. E-bikes offer a solution for everyone to participate in and maintain a fun training level.
  3. Novice bikers – Some hope cyclists have anxiety about their ability to keep up with their party. With e-bikes they do not have to worry about being too slow and will be able to enjoy the views and the tour at the fullest.
  4. Experienced cyclists – Even experienced cyclists can enjoy the benefits of an e-bike. In this case, the pleasure is also connected to the fact that perhaps for the first time, they will be able to share a bike this amazing ride experience with their friends or their significant other.

This is the real game changer! We have several amazing Tuscany e-bike tours, from 1 day to 5 days that are combing a cycling experience with art&history, nature, food, and wellness.

Our goal is to help you to make this type of active vacation in Tuscany a reality, we want to exceed your expectations.

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