Hosting friends or relatives from abroad?

This post is mainly dedicated to those who are living in Tuscany and that are getting frequent visits of friends and relatives from abroad.

Subtitle: Entertaining guests for an extended period? a kind of a part-time job!

The fact that you are living abroad is a great incentive for friends and relatives to come and visit you. They take 2 birds with one stone! Hosting friends and relatives is always a great pleasure! For about 6 months I lived in the USA and I still remember the feeling of proudness to show “my USA” to visitors.

At the same token, some time was a bit frustrating too because the desire to spend time with them did not always match with the time that I could actually dedicate to them due to the busy work-life balance.

When the visit was for few days, I was fostering independence, giving them my list of “must visit places” in sequence to optimize the travel logistics with all the related details like open/closure time, costs, managing also time expectations on my involvement.

For long stays, sometimes I was suggesting them a mini-vacation within the vacation. In some cases, a few days excursion could be the perfect solution to maximize their desire to visit the territory (especially for long distance travelers) but also to release the potential pressure of entertaining guests for an extended period.

But also suggesting a mini-vacation requires a bit of attention. This mini-vacation should contain all the top elements/experiences that they are expecting to enjoy, and should be safe as well. In Tuscany, a mini-vacation should include quality moments dedicated to local food and wine, as well as the visit to some of our Tuscany jewels like Pisa or Lucca or Siena, etc.

A recent analysis of trends in tourism is highlighting 5 main characteristics of the “ideal vacation”. The keyword is “experience” and more specifically:

  1. Personalization for a special travel customer experience
  2. Getting off the beaten track/seeing or doing something new
  3. To be active and outdoor
  4. High adrenaline activities
  5. Interaction with locals

An additional data point? three in four millennial’s said they’d rather buy an experience than a physical good.

In terms of mini-vacation in Tuscany, there are several amazing opportunities but perhaps a bike tour is really the one that is capable to match all the 5 requirements. At least based on my experience.

A bike tour would also allow them to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany countryside in a very relaxed way. The fact that not all the guests are expert bikers could be easily overcome by the adoption of electric assisted bikes that can be beneficial to everyone from non-riders to ingrained cycling enthusiasts.

An e-bike widens the possibilities of cycling being viewed as a viable transportation option as well as a sustainable leisure activity. And if you are lucky and you have time to spend with them? Wow, this is perfect, this would be THE GREAT EXCUSE to join them for a bike tour in Tuscany, to explore places you have always visited perhaps “from the window” of your car.

Florence and Tuscany, in general, are a lot more than “just” Uffizzi. The vast majority of the tourists are dreaming of Tuscany countryside, but they rarely have the opportunity to go outside Florence.

Let your guests be privileged, suggest them a bike tour in Tuscany, maybe an e-bike tour operated by TuscanyQuintessence!

Sometimes the logistics associated with a bike experience is complex, in fact at Tuscany Quintessence our mission is to keep things simple and to create the perfect conditions for your UNFORGETTABLE vacation in Tuscany. Living emotions that will last forever.

Take a look at our tours and call us in case you need more info.

Take care,