Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence

Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence is what you like?

Here are some ideas for you.

Cycling in Tuscany is a unique experience and cyclists are always welcome. Tuscany is perfect for cycling but above all Tuscany is the ideal place for an intelligent and active holiday.

Each Tuscan cycling itinerary is like an infinite sequence of historical monuments, works of art, pieces of culture and surprising natural landscapes. Cycling in Tuscany is like riding a bicycle in a place designed to inspire, designed to enchant. Cycling in Tuscany is an experience that touches the heart!

At each pedal stroke, the gaze and the mind are captured by something to admire. Believe it or not, but if you are planning a bike tour in Tuscany, you should consider some extra time to give yourself enough time to enjoy the panoramic views, to enjoy the moment. This is the best way to fully savor the Tuscan soul.

Cycling in Tuscany is not only a cultural and naturalistic experience, but also, and above all, a rewarding experience for your body and mind.

The climate in Tuscany is generally mild and it is possible to cycle 365 days a year.

Due to the fact that most of the tourists who visit Tuscany pass through Florence, I will share with you some ideas for your bicycle tour in Tuscany having Florence as a starting point.

Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence:

  1. Fiesole bike tour – This Tuscan cycling route starts from Florence and reaches up to Fiesole. The total distance is around 20 km. The bike tour starts from the center of Florence and climbs a scenic road that was also part of the world cycling championship in 2013. Once you are in Fiesole, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Florence. It is impossible not to sit on the ancient stone benches for a few minutes to enjoy the good feeling and take photos. From there, following an ancient unpaved road, you can visit Monte Ceceri. This mountain is famous because Leonardo da Vinci decided to test his flying machine here for the first time. A truly inspiring place especially if you know the story and if you use your imagination to “see” what happened there. For occasional cyclists, I would suggest electric bikes (e-bikes) because the difference in altitude is not negligible (350mt).
  2. Chianti bike Tour – This Tuscan cycling itinerary starts from Florence and arrives in Greve in Chianti or in Panzano for more trained cyclists. It is a road bike tour; the total distance is 60 and 70 km respectively. If you arrive in Panzano the altitude difference is about 800 meters. At the weekend, it is impossible to count the number of cyclists who ride this road by bicycle. From groups of seniors who ride quietly on their vintage bikes to athletes who push like mad on the pedals to do their “best personal”. Different people with the same passion for cycling and for this fantastic location. A stop for a coffee in Greve in Chianti is a “must”. The climb to Panzano is panoramic, 5 km in the midst of rolling hills and vineyards.
  3. Siena bike tour from Florence – Panzano is exactly between Florence and Siena. If you have time you can also consider proceeding up to Siena and returning to Florence by train! Between Greve in Chianti and Panzano there are several unpaved roads that lead you to magical places, real jewels not to be missed like Badia a Passignano. This area is also very famous for the Chianti Classico; along the way there are several good family-run wineries. If you want to have a genuine wine tasting experience, this is the perfect place.
  4. From Lucca to Pisa by bike – This cycling Tuscan itinerary allows you to take “two birds with one stone”. This itinerary starts in Lucca and arrives in Pisa. You can reach Lucca from Florence by train in less than 1 hour. The total distance is around 20 km. It is a perfect day trip to discover two beautiful cities that are a trademark of Tuscany. During this bike tour from Lucca to Pisa you should also stop to visit the Certosa di Pisa, also known as the Certosa di Calci. It is a former Carthusian monastery, now transformed into a natural history museum.
  5. From Lucca to Viareggio by bike – If the day is hot, you can also choose to pedal towards Viareggio following a beautiful unpaved (easy) road that takes you to the sea. This is the perfect solution if you want to take the opportunity to swim (natural & free beach). Viareggio is a small tourist town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The long cycle path that runs along the sea is very panoramic and there are many opportunities to taste delicious fresh fish.

Bike tour in Tuscany from Florence are great opportunities in case of short stay. If you want to expand your range of action and take the opportunity to discover Tuscany by bike, in this map you will find new ideas for daily bike tour in Tuscany top locations like Maremma Natural Park by bike or the Casentino Natural Park by bike.

You can find our Tuscany bike tours here. If you are looking for a customized bike tour in Tuscany, let us know, we will do our best to help you.

Alberto Lombardi