What’s a luxury Tuscany bike wine tour?

If I ask you to think about a “Luxury Tuscany Bike Wine Tour” what does pop up in your mind?

Let’s be clear, different people have different views. The expectations I have thinking about a “Luxury Tuscany Bike Wine Tour” perhaps does not match your expectation. It’s quite normal. But on one thing I hope we can all agree: it’s key to set clear and realistic expectations.

So, what makes an “ordinary” Tuscany bike wine tour a “luxury” bike & wine experience?

Is it the quality of the bikes? Quality of wine? The price tags? Yes, yes, and yes. But these are not the only criteria, to define a luxury Tuscany bike winery tour. At Tuscany Quintessence, a luxury experience is much more than that, it is an experience that is aiming self-actualization and personal fulfillment. Informal, more personal, and tailored made more by the interests and mindset of our guests.

The Tuscany bike winery tour should have a purpose beyond the quality of wine and food.

This is why we are harmonizing a bike & wine tour with a visit to something special like an old abbey in the middle of Chianti hills or an unexpected stop to visit magic places like the “house of artists“. Artists coming from everywhere are living in this old building near to Greve in Chianti, devoting their time and their soul to create something new, willing to tell their story or their concept of love or freedom or sadness. A very interesting experience to see how they do translate their concepts into a masterpiece.

For us, bike and wine are serious stuff because this is a great way to enjoy life and to become more intimate with the Tuscany alchemy.

A day spent outside, allows the spirit to discover new horizons, regenerating the soul. This is our ultimate mission; which is much more than “just” a great bike and wine tasting tour.

Few “details” of our Tuscany winery experience. You will:

  • enjoy a guided tour of the wine cellars of a Castle and its gardens.
  • taste 5 different wines IGT, Chianti Classico DOCG, Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, IGT Supertuscan RED and Chianti Classico DOC.
  • enjoy a delicious lunch in the Castle

Talking about “luxury”, I think we should address also the pricing. Today’s luxury consumers believe that not all luxury purchases are necessarily the most expensive. Interestingly, in fact, a recent survey pointed out that more than 30% of the overall population worldwide disagreed that the most worthwhile travel experiences typically cost the most. With our pricing policy, we aim to become the Tuscany go-to “luxury” bike tour operator for everybody!
We believe that high-earning travelers will be interested in our offering even if the price is much lower than average, and we are incredibly positive about this.

Now it’s your turn. Do you want to try our Luxury Tuscany bike winery tour? Check our Chianti e-bike Tour & Wine!
I wish you all the best!