Responsible travel

When we think of responsible travel, our minds go to remote destinations where there are fragile communities or where there is the involvement of wild animals for the purpose of human entertainment.

Although this scenario is clearly questionable from an ethical point of view, there are other situations that are a little more “invisible” precisely because we are more used to it. According to the latest data, out of 600 million travelers around the world, 500 million visit the 300 most famous cities. This is overtourism.

How can we change this trend?

To simplify, there are 2 ways to do things.

  • The first approach is top-down, for example with governments limiting the number of visitors per day
  • The second is bottom-up, where people take the initiative by choosing a different travel style dedicated to maximizing the experience while reducing the impact

Putting aside the first option, we would prefer to sponsor sustainable travel; a mindset that requires careful planning before reaching the destination. A responsible travel requires advance planning on some fundamental aspects of the journey such as the “strategy” of transport and the local experiences to do.

Let’s be clear, changing a complex and long-standing pattern of habitual behavior isn’t easy, but when the new solution is better than the old one, well, changes can happen much faster than they used to in the past. And this could be the case!

Depending on your appetite for planning and the time you can devote to this exercise, you can plan it all on your own or engage a tour operator who is genuinely committed to operating responsibly.

As a tour operator, our commitment is clear: to make you discover Tuscany in a fascinating and responsible way. This is our recipe for your active holiday:

  • Itinerary: connects the must-see places for a first timer in Tuscany
  • Safety: ride along natural paths, enjoy nature and stay away from traffic and crowded places
  • Transportationtraveling by e-bike equipped with 3 soft and large bags containing our luggage or walking with a backpack, eliminating the pollution related to the luggage transfer van
  • Minimalist style: we promote the idea of ​​minimalism in relation to freedom and resolve
  • Accommodation – first quality family-run lodge in place of a multinational chain, immersed in the beautiful Tuscan countryside
  • Local experience – local guides, local food and wine. The money you spend goes to the local community
  • Slow Travel: Open your mind and world view to new places, connect with new people, and immerse yourself in local cultures. A meaningful and memorable experience
  • Small Size: Small group trips are more relaxing and allow you to maximize time without worrying about logistics

What are you waiting for? Not thrilled with this kind of travel style? Visiting Tuscany is great, but discovering Tuscany with this responsible travel approach is fun!

We are at your disposal to provide all the information/clarifications you may need to live your Tuscan dream.