Natural park of Maremma Italy

The natural park of Maremma Italy, with its 10.000 hectares, made of free beaches, natural reserve and parks, will enchant you. If you are dreaming to explore a little paradise in Tuscany, stop here.

The national park in Maremma is a great opportunity to enjoy a day outdoor with family and friends. A safe environment, ideal for photo lovers, nature lovers and people passionate of history.

In the park, let’s speak in a low voice, so as not to disturb the inhabitants like the 270 bird species are living in the park.

The ruins of San Rabano

Maremma National Park - San Rabano

Starting from Alberese, the A1 itinerary will take you on top of the hill where you can find the ruins of San Rabano, an abbey founded in 11th century. Located at 320 m above sea level, San Rabano abbey was built between two hills of Poggio Uccellina and Poggio Lecci. The monastery was formerly connected also with the important Via Aurelia through a paved road called “Regina”. In 1438 the monastery was seriously damaged by the state of Siena because it was considered a refuge for rebels. Today, you can still admire the bell tower and the fourteenth-century watchtower.

Torre di Collelungo & the beach

Maremma National Park - scenic view

The next destination of this journey inside the natural park Maremma Italy is Torre di Collelungo (Collelungo tower). The path A2 you will get you to this historical landmark. Without any doubt, this is the very best spot to take pictures of the surrounding area. The natural park Maremma Italy is now at your feet. The only “risk” is to spend hours, just looking around, because the view from there is breathtaking. Looking at the seaside, you can see several islands of Tuscan archipelago like Giglio, Montecristo, Pianosa, Elba and, in case of good visibility, also Corsica island (France).

Descending from the Collelungo tower, a short distance away, there is a wonderful beach, with sand dunes which, protected by fences, makes the environment unique and wild. Sometimes it can happen to meet lying herds enjoying the sun. The high cliff walls rise very high creating a show of rare beauty. At the top of the rocks, the Collelungo tower which dominates the whole area is hidden from our eyes. This place is a corner of paradise, to me, this is the best beach of natural park Maremma Italy.

Marina di Alberese

Maremma National Park by bike

Following a nice and easy unpaved road, the suggestion is now to reach Marina di Alberese where you can enjoy a fresh drink before proceeding on a beautiful path that connects Marina di Alberese to mouth of Ombrone river. This narrow road is enchanting because you have the sea on your left and the park on your right. This gravel road, slightly above sea level, offers a magnificent view over the whole park. Wonderful!

Ombrone river, 2 important things to see: Porte Vinciniane & Bird watching shack

  • “Porte Vinciniane” – invented by the Leonardo da Vinci in 1502. The doors are equipped with two classichand-wheel locks (guillotine sluice gates) that can be opened and
  • National Park - Wooden shedclosed to encase or flare the water between the two Vinciniane doors, in this way navigation through the doors is allowed even when the tide would like keep them closed.
  • Bird watching shack – To reach it, just follow a small hidden pier that runs alongside the Ombrone river. The beginning of the pier is behind the large (single) building near the “Porte Vinciniane”. You could spend hours there, watching the wild life nature and taking pictures. The wooden shed is well kept and full of explanations on the animal species that populate the area.

Strada del Mare

Now it’s time to close the loop inside the beautiful natural park Maremma Italy. Following the “Strada del Mare” you will get back to Alberese. Before getting to Alberese, you will pass through an area where you can see dozens of cows and calves graze freely in the wild. This is a very typical and famous bovine breed called “Maremmana” that lives in an area close to the Grosseto in the heart of the Maremma.

This itinerary, designed to discover the natural park of Maremma Italy, is about 30 kilometers long. A perfect opportunity  for an e-bike tour.

Friendly guides, with their passion and knowledge, will allow you to live a great and safe experience in the the beautiful natural park Maremma Italy, discovering also the park’s secrets. In just one day!