Tuscany cycling tours to discover being active? Why not

Tuscany cycling tours are the smartest way to combine being active on vacation with discovering the true Tuscan soul

If you are a cyclist, you will love it. If you like the idea of riding a bike to explore Tuscany but have never done it before, this is a unique opportunity. Creating a great customer experience is our mission, so please relax and dream about your Tuscany biking experience with us.

Tuscany cycling tours are extraordinary experiences when you have a perfect organization, fantastic accommodation, high-quality bicycles, delicious Tuscan food, and certified and passionated bike tour leaders. These are the ingredients that will allow you to enjoy this unforgettable journey as a protagonist.

Our Tuscany cycling tours are not “just” bike tours, those are designed to go beyond tradition to truly maximize your Tuscany experience in a holistic way. Our best-selling 6-day Tuscany cycling tours, for example, combine a healthy and active outdoor holiday with nature, art and history, wellness and food including a cooking class. What more could you want?

Slow tour, very intense experience

The magnificent Tuscan hills will keep your body busy and as if by magic, you will get fresh energy for your body and your mind. You will enjoy every moment surrounded by the landscape of this magical region, which is always able to surprise.

Around you … crossing small medieval villages, where the time seems to go slower … and beautiful historical monuments, buildings, and churches are hidden here and there. Narrow streets where it is still possible to smell the aromas coming out of the kitchens.

Your mind and your eyes will be busy contemplating breathtaking sceneries; your “front-row seat” with a view of the splendid landscape that constantly changes at your speed is a privileged and exclusive point of view. The way in which history and nature have worked together creating this harmonious and ever-changing Tuscan scenario will enchant you.

Around us, the Tuscan colors that spontaneously follow the cycle of nature. From the green of the spring countryside sprinkled with the red hair of poppies to the summer yellow of sunflowers and ripe wheat, the swirling purple, red and orange mix of autumn and its vineyards. Even in winter, the colors of Tuscany will amaze you. The beauty of the medieval villages and Renaissance villas, that emerge from the smoky air of the fog and from the branches of the trees no longer laden with leaves, give magical emotions.

The prize, the peaceful atmosphere

Like the colors, even the flavors of Tuscan cuisine follow the rhythm of the seasons.

During these Tuscany cycling tours, you will find the catharsis of the right effort through which you will “purify” yourself and prepare your body to be worthy of receiving the prize of your deeds by bike. A prize made up of places that are as beautiful as they are hospitable, wines made from ancient nectars such as Chianti, banquets rich in healthy and tasty foods of our best Tuscan tradition.

Cycling, in the peaceful atmosphere of the ancient Tuscan slopes, sharing thoughts with your companions is a real pleasure, but also relaxing. It is essential to share impressions, joke but also be inspired by others. You will chat during convivial tables or during a climbing effort or, at the end of the day, while relaxing in the warm natural springs.

It’s a pampered Tuscany adventure!

Although the accommodations are wonderful, such as the historic buildings in the center of medieval cities of Siena, Lucca or San Gimignano, or a charming farmhouse immersed in the Tuscan countryside, our approach is minimalist, simple and relaxed. During our multi-day Tuscany cycling tour, every day we will ride towards the next destination and everyone needs to carry things on their bikes.

The sense of freedom and accomplishment of this approach is truly unexpected.

6-day Tuscany cycling tours, an example

This scheduling could help you to visualize how this active vacation week is structured; it refers to our best-selling Tuscany bike adventure.

  • Arrival in Tuscany from abroad. Meet & greet + bike setting – Accommodation in the center of Florence
  • 1st day: from San Miniato to San Gimignano – Night in a historic building in the center of San Gimignano
  • 2nd day: from San Gimignano to Siena – Guided tour of Siena. Night in a historic building in the center of Siena
  • 3rd day: from Siena to San Quirico d’Orcia – Transfer to Florence, night in the center of Florence, charming apartment
  • 4th day: guided tour of Florence, shopping and relaxation + cooking lesson. Night as above
  • 5th day: bike tour around the Crete Senesi + natural thermal spring experience at the end of the bike tour, including dinner. Night as above
  • 6th day: Chianti bike tour to discover the hidden Chianti + lunch. Night as above
  • Departure from Florence.

The average daily distance is 40km/25mi with and 800m/2625ft elevation gain. Mainly unpaved, this track is safe and scenic. Every day we will dedicate quality time to relax and visit the cities we will touch. Frequent stops to enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan scenery, to take pictures and to talk with the locals, always enthusiastic and proud to share stories of their beloved villages

The scheduling can be fully customized based on customer requests such as the itinerary to include other cities, increase (or decrease) the intensity of the bicycle, change bike type (road/gravel bike, etc).

A Tuscany bike experience for everyone

Thanks to our high-quality electric bikes this experience is also accessible to cyclists with different fitness levels. In fact, electric bikes can help the rider if necessary and take some pain out of climbing. But e-bikes don’t do climbing simply by pressing a button; you still have to pedal to conquer the climb.

The real destination of our Tuscany cycling tours is the journey itself

Join our pampered Tuscany adventure with your family or your friends. It could be for a day or for a full week, we will exceed your expectations. Please, take a look at our F.A.Q and send us a message for a quotation, we will quickly get back to you.

Sincerely yours,

Alberto Lombardi