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Enjoy a Tuscany backroads bike tour

I love the feeling of the white road under my tires, the way it creaks when I am cycling. Maybe it reminds me my ride in the park when I was a kid. I still remember that feeling of the lightheartedness while I was cycling around with my friends, just enjoying the day at open air, and not asking for more.

Now, the feeling is still the same.

Cycling on those panoramic and dusty paths is really an extraordinary experience. In the silence, far from the chaos of the city, the mind is in sync with nature, with the eyes eager to look around, perhaps with the hope to freeze in the mind the beautiful harmony of these places.

Tuscany unpaved backroads run among the vineyards and olive groves: they are just the perfect way to explore the Tuscany country, not worrying about what the speed is. A Tuscany backroads bike tour will take you to enjoy the stunning scenery of central Tuscany but live a fun personal challenge.

Backroads Tuscany bike tour - Strade Bianche
Backroads Tuscany bike tour – Strade Bianche

Tuscany backroads bike tour – some tips:

Tire pressure for the best contact with the ground.
• Don’t forget the 10 things you should have with you for in your cycling backpack.
• When climbing, distribution of your weight is key to avoid rear wheel sliding out and losing traction.
• When descending, keep your speed under control and check for obstacles.
In case you feel your wheels are sliding a bit, don’t hit the brakes! Look ahead in the direction you want to go and guide your bike there.
• If you meet a horse with his rider, stop. If they are on, turn off the flashing lights. Ask the knight if you can proceed. Proceed only when you receive the signal you can pass.

Starting Point.

One of my preferred Tuscany backroads bike tours starts from Asciano. From there you can take a wonderful road, part of the Eroica bike race. I really love cycling there and above all, sharing this experience with others to see, from their eyes, their emotions.

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