Sailing Boat & Yoga’ Holiday

Sailing and yoga are both activities that promote physical and mental well-being, relaxation, and the discovery of new horizons. The practice of yoga improves the health of the body and mind through meditation, while sailing, with its reassuring strength and the beauty of the sea, further fosters a climate of serenity and relaxation. Combining these two activities represents a perfect combination for a truly regenerating holiday.

Imagine feeling good as you enjoy the bright sun on your skin and the cool sea breeze as the boat sails on. Your day begins with a regenerating yoga session by the sea, followed by a dive into crystal-clear waters, surrounded by a breathtaking view. You will enjoy a balanced, rich, and tasty menu from breakfast to aperitif. You will discover enchanting places, while sharing emotions and unforgettable moments with new friends, all united by the passion for yoga.

We will visit the wild island of Capraia and the beautiful Northern Corsica or the Island of Elba, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation, discovery, and adventure. You will have the opportunity to take walks along coastal trails with breathtaking views, explore unforgettable bays and beaches, but also relax on the deck of the boat and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

On board, the skipper and the yoga teacher will give you a real well-being experience that will not only allow you to take a break from the daily frenzy but will also make you discover the beauty of the world through a completely new perspective.

6 good reasons to come on board with us:

  1. Active and regenerating experience: sailing and yoga holiday offers the opportunity to enjoy the sea as well as practice outdoor activities. Apart from yoga, we will also trek along the coast. This type of activity not only benefits health but also makes the vacation more interesting and enjoyable.
  2. Explore unique places: Visiting places like Capraia and Northern Corsica or the Island of Elba by sailboat is a unique and unforgettable experience. You can discover places inaccessible by land where time seems to have stopped.
  3. Share experiences with new friends: On board, you will share unforgettable experiences with other guests. You can make new friends with whom to share the same passions and with whom to create meaningful relationships. Furthermore, the combination of the vacation with yoga makes the atmosphere even more relaxing and favorable for socializing.
  4. Curated cuisine: The vacation includes a balanced and delicious menu. There will be no shortage, from the colorful and rich breakfast to the aperitif!
  5. Worry-free: If you come by car, free parking is available nearby the boat, if you come by train (Cecina station), you can reach the port by taxi in less than 10 minutes. Everything is already included in the price (food, fuel, cleaning, sheets, yoga instructor, skipper, etc). Upon your arrival, the boat will be perfectly clean, and the galley will be already done and arranged on board. You will find pillows, sheets, and blankets on board, so you won’t have to worry about anything. There will be no additional expenses or bills to pay at the end of the vacation, the fare is all-inclusive.
  6. Traveling solo? We want to let you know that we are very careful and scrupulous in pairing our guests in cabins because we know that good cohabitation on board is an important element for the success of the vacation. Our priority is to ensure that your vacation is pleasant and unforgettable, and we are sure that your cabin mate will be a pleasant surprise with whom to share this unique adventure.

What to bring?

This open-air vacation requires very few things.

• Clothing: Light, comfortable, and casual, such as t-shirts, shorts, and light dresses for the evening, a light windproof jacket, a light sweater, a cap or scarf. Sandals and trekking or athletic shoes with non-slip soles. Bathing suits, beach towels, and shower towels. Personal hygiene accessories, including wet wipes.

• For yoga, bring a mat and comfortable clothing.

• Shoes for soft trekking, sunglasses, sunscreen. Personal hygiene products, including wet wipes.

• For the sea, bring a mask and fins if you like.

• Backpack, water bottle, sunglasses with high UV protection, high protection sunscreen.

Finally, remember that

• The space on board is limited, so we recommend that you bring only what is necessary and avoid bringing large quantities of clothes.

• Pack everything in a soft bag, so once emptied it can be easily stored in the locker.

Some general behaviors to keep in mind:

  • Safety: Safety on board is of paramount importance, so it is necessary to follow the skipper’s instructions and attend the safety briefing and use of onboard systems.
  • Respect for privacy: The boat is a limited space, so it is important to respect the privacy of other guests.
  • Cleanliness and collaboration: Having the boat clean and tidy is important for safe and comfortable navigation, so it is necessary to collaborate with other guests to keep the cabin clean and tidy. Collaboration (voluntary) is appreciated for meal preparation and dishwashing activities.
  • Noise: It is important to respect silence at night to not disturb other guests on board.

The sailboat

  • The boat is 14 meters long, equipped with 3 cabins with double beds, and one cabin with bunk beds. There are 2 bathrooms.
  • Recharging: in each cabin there are USB sockets to recharge phones and tablets.
  • Autonomy: the boat is equipped with a desalination plant and solar panels to guarantee autonomy of water and electricity.
  • Comfort and accessories: comfortable cushions in the cockpit and on the deck to sunbathe in total relaxation.
  • Accessories: in addition to the tender (inflatable boat with a motor used for going ashore), on board you will find a SUP at your disposal for fun excursions in the bays.

Yoga teachers

On the boat, different teachers will alternate week after week. Each teacher, with passion and professionalism, will guide you through the practice regardless of your level. The teacher will follow a themed program throughout the week, which will be the common thread of the yoga sessions. Through this unifying theme, you can immerse yourself in a complete and balanced yoga practice that will strengthen your body and mind. This program will allow you to increase your yoga skills and strengthen your practice, contributing to making the experience even more stimulating.

The Skipper

The skipper is friendly and relaxed, with over 30 years of experience and 2 ocean crossings, he will ensure that everything is going smoothly. If you wish, you can try sailing and learn the basics of sailboat operation. The skipper’s professionalism, experience, and friendliness are the key factors that make the sailboat trip even more enjoyable and fun.

The itinerary

We depart from Marina di Cecina (Livorno) towards Capraia and northern Corsica or Elba (depending on the weather), true natural paradises with wonderful beaches to practice yoga and relax in harmony with nature.

Duration and logistics

From June to September, we embark on Saturdays at 5:00 PM and disembark on the following Saturday by 8:30 AM.

How to arrive

By car, there is a large free parking area within the marina. By train, the Cecina station is 3.3 km away from the port. It takes 10 minutes by taxi to reach the port from the station.

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