Tuscany e-bike & Terme tour 2-day

2-day Tuscany Bike & Terme tour from Florence – details

Looking for a way to add adventure to your Italian vacation? Consider taking a 2-day e-bike tour through the picturesque regions of Chianti and Crete Senesi in Tuscany! This tour is the perfect complement to the traditional Italian tour, giving you a chance to discover the hidden gems of the Italian countryside.

Our Chianti & Crete Senesi e-bike tour covers a distance of 71km/44.1mi over the course of two days, with a manageable elevation gain. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, making it ideal for anyone looking to combine an active vacation with your Italian holiday.

By embarking on a 2-day e-bike tour with us, you’ll enjoy leisurely rides between medieval villages and castles, stunning views of the countryside, wine tastings, and delicious local cuisine including a relaxing pause in a natural thermal water spring resort. The tour is perfect for those who want to experience Tuscany at a slower pace and fully immerse themselves in the region.

The best part about a 2-day e-bike tour is that it can easily be combined with a traditional Italian tour. It provides a fresh change of pace to the typical itinerary, allowing you to see a different side of Italy. Rest assured, you will not miss out on the must-see attractions of Tuscany and Italy with our tour.

Tuscany 2-day e-bike tour, the itinerary

Chianti and Crete Senesi are two exceptional areas in Tuscany, each with its unique flair. This 2-day tour has been crafted to highlight the Spirit of Tuscany and its fantastic offerings, leveraging our e-bikes to allow us to slow down, appreciate the surroundings, and give ourselves the time to fully enjoy the experience. 

Day 1 will include a transfer from Florence at 8:30 am to Greve in Chianti. After a quick briefing on safety and bike fitting, we will embark on a leisurely ride through the backroads of Tuscany. We’ll visit Greve in Chianti, Montefioralle castle and Badia a Passignano Abbey, have a delicious lunch with a stunning view. Your accommodation will be in the heart of Chianti, where you can fee the real Chianti life style. The day will end with a Tuscan dinner to refill our energy for the following day. 

Chianti e-bike tour total distance 21km, 500mt elevation gain.

Day 2 will start at 8:15 with a transfer to Rapolano (province of Siena) to discover the Crete Senesi area. From Asciano, we’ll take a fascinating Tuscany backroad that is part of the famous Eroica bike race, followed by a section of the famous Leonina road, which is in the middle of Crete Senesi. The tour end in Asciano where we will enjoy a delicious light lunch with organic delicious food. We’ll take frequent stops to take photos, and we’ll end our day with a relaxing and soothing experience at a thermal spa resort, along with a light lunch, before heading back to Florence. After the SPA, we will drive you to your next destination like Siena, Florence, Montalcino…

Crete Senesi overall distance by bike is 42.8km/26.6mi, with an elevation gain of 1085mt/3560ft.

Tuscany 2-day e-bike tour, highlights

The Chianti and Crete Senesi regions in Tuscany, are known for their breathtaking landscapes, charming medieval villages, and rustic architecture. These areas are also renowned for their delicious food and wines, making them a prime destination for those seeking a taste of authentic Italian culture and cuisine.

Exploring the Chianti and Crete Senesi regions in Tuscany, by bike allows you to fully connect with the stunning landscapes and immerse themselves in the rich history and traditions of these areas. With charming medieval villages, rustic architecture, and renowned food and wine, it’s the perfect destination if you are seeking an authentic Italian experience.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning to Tuscany, exploring Chianti and Crete Senesi at a leisurely pace is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Chianti e-bike tour, suitable for?

This tour is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, as long as you’re in good physical shape and are passionate about exploring Tuscany at a slower pace. The e-bikes make the uphill climbs effortless, enabling everyone to enjoy the tour safely and harmoniously.

Chianti e-bike tour, what’s included?

Discover the beauty of Tuscany hassle-free with our Chianti e-bike tour. Our experienced bike tour leader will guide you through the breathtaking scenery of Badia a Passignano and a family-run winery, where you’ll savor a delicious light lunch that includes top quality Chianti wines and extra-virgin olive oil produced in the region.

We provide top-of-the-line, well-maintained e-bikes with bike helmets, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free ride on both days of your tour. Plus, you’ll enjoy an overnight stay in an amazing accommodation – shared double – in the heart of the Chianti area, where you’ll experience the authentic Tuscan lifestyle, including a one-of-a-kind wine tasting and dinner.

Our tour also includes light and delicious lunch during your e-bike tour through the Crete Senesi area, followed by a relaxing pause at a natural thermal water spring resort where you can rest and recharge. With transfers from Florence to Greve in Chianti and Crete Senesi included, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy all the benefits of these two unforgettable days in Tuscany.

On the second day, after your rejuvenating spa treatment, we will drive you to your next destination in Tuscany. 

Chianti e-bike tour, the logistic

The tour begins with an 8:30 am transfer from Florence and ends on day 2 with a transfer back to Florence or to your next destination in Tuscany. With all of these incredible experiences and amenities included our Tuscany 2-day e-bike tour is the ideal way to make the most of your time in this beautiful region. Remember to bring your swimsuit, sunglasses and solar cream!

Join us for a 2-day e-bike tour in Tuscany and let us help you create unforgettable memories while experiencing the best of Italy’s countryside.

2-day Tuscany Bike Tour from Florence 

This tour is designed to enjoy Chianti and Crete Senesi leveraging our e-bikes. During our ride, we will get to the heart of Tuscany crossing medieval villages and castles and we will stop in remote and charming locations to taste delicious food & wine.

Chianti is more than just a wonderful area within Tuscany. It seems that every single piece of it has its own spirit and identity, willing to amaze each traveler. All these pieces, connected together, are creating a special harmony that you can feel as soon as you get there. This is what we call the “Spirit of Tuscany”.

You can visit Chianti and Crete Senesi in many ways, but if you go slow and you give yourself enough time, the Spirit of Tuscany will surprise you.

The cherry on the cake of our Tuscany Bike Tour is a relaxing bath in the natural hot water of a SPA with a wonderful surrounding view.

Payment methods

  • PayPal or Bank transfer (Tuscany Quintessence bank account – Italy).

Included With Trip:

  • All lodging*
  • All activities included in the program (museum, SPA, etc when included in the program).
  • All food and beverages***
  • e-bike Fantic XF2 Integra
  • *Pre/post-trip lodging is not included
  • **Beverages ordered by guests beyond normal amounts and away from group activities will incur additional charges

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