Are you a potential digital nomad?

For workers who can work remotely, Covid-19 has created a new and unexpected opportunity; become a digital nomad.

Some countries have begun to attract this new group of players because the size and spending capability of digital nomads is not negligible. Barbados and Hawaii have already started. Hawaii, for example, will pay you the air ticket to go and come back.

Digital nomads, more than a dozen!

The statistics are remarkably clear; a third of American jobs could be done entirely from home. A Gartner survey states: “82% of business leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely for a few times.”

The trend is growing, according to the MBO Partners survey, digital nomads went from 7.3 million in 2019 to 10.9 million in 2020. An increase of 49%.

And you?

This could be your chance to experience an incredible adventure in a county you love. Maybe for 6 months or 1 year. Why not?

If tomorrow your boss opened up to this scenario, would you take this opportunity or not? What do you need to say “yes”? And … where would you go?

Is Tuscany a suitable paradise for digital nomads?

Oh my gosh, definitely yes! According to CNN travelers, Italy has reached (again and again) the top of the best countries in the world. Tuscany is one of the most dreamed of places to visit, a true iconic destination for art, architecture, gastronomy, and history.

So, stay a little longer with me and pretend for a second that your house is in the middle of the Tuscan hills. Your wooden table – Tuscan style – is your new desk. Now lift your head off the monitor and enjoy the view. You can be in the famous Chianti area or near Pisa on the coast, or in Elba island, or perhaps in one of the medieval towers of San Gimignano, just to name a few places among many. An opportunity that would allow you to savor the region, live like a local, and experience the “Italian way of life” that goes far beyond gastronomy. How does it sound?


Let’s be clear, becoming a digital nomad isn’t always feasible or easy but sometimes it’s worth a try to overcome some obstacles and get the chance to live a transformative experience for you and your family.

I am going to submit a project to the government authority to promote Tuscany as the best stay for digital nomads. In the meantime, if you want to be an early adopter, and you want to become a digital nomad in Tuscany, you can count on me.

Get ready to seize the opportunities, the future is in your hands.


PS. If you can’t enjoy Tuscany as a digital nomad, you can experience Tuscany at its best as a smart traveler. In that case, we are here and ready to serve you! Take care.