Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel is the perfect vacation for the curious

When it comes to adventure travel, the mind often flies, evoking extreme images seen on Instagram, a guy standing on top of a rock with open arms and the cliff that surrounds it, or inside the green labyrinth of the forest, where the humid and wild vegetation immersed in a muffled silence enhances the sounds of the animals. Or maybe by jeep in the desert …

The truth is that the real element that characterizes the adventure journey is not the place you go through, but rather the spirit with which you undertake the journey

If you are new to adventure travel, I hope these lines can intrigue you and stimulate you to deepen this type of journey.

Let’s start from the motivation; what drives us to embark on an adventurous journey is the desire to travel unknown roads with the utmost predisposition to enjoy the charm of the places visited, curious to experience the chance encounters that we will do along the way. Last but not least, the desire to return home enriched by experiences and memories made of smells, flavors, places, landscapes, and sensations.

The road is the real protagonist

Whether you travel on foot, by bicycle, or by boat, direct involvement with the “road” is the key element. The number of kilometers (or nautical miles) that will travel along the “road” that leads us to the ultimate goal is an integral part of the complex alchemy of the trip. Each stretch of the road we conquer involves the body and mind, the steps along the way become like a mantra that is repeated endlessly.

My experience

A few years ago, before leaving for an important journey, as always, I had tried to prefigure the sensations and experiences that I would have lived. Every journey made up until then had been fantastic but that journey turned into a profound experience that helped me understand myself better, stimulating me to channel my desires and fears into a clear plan with renewed energy (read here if you want to learn more).

The challenge

Challenge is an essential element of adventure travel. The challenge is the tool that serves to stimulate, to get us out of our comfort zone. In our comfort zone, we feel safe, but in the long run, this safety harnesses our imagination, limits our abilities. The Comfort zone takes us away from the joy of fighting a small/big challenge that could give an immense feeling of joy.

It is not easy to tell the true nature of adventure travel. For this reason, often, the emphasis is shifted to secondary elements such as the location, the adventure travel mode, or focusing on impressive images that we too can immortalize with the smartphone for quick sharing with our friends at home.

Are you intrigued? Just try

At Tuscany Quintessence we offer soft adventure trips by e-bike. Our experiences combine the personal challenge with the pleasure of discovering Tuscany with its landscapes, aromas, and flavors. To discover the Tuscany you’ve never seen. A true experience, where you are the protagonist. Contact us with confidence also for sailing experiences.