6 rules for a successful Tuscany bike tour with your partner

Sunday in Tuscany – If you are looking for a special Sunday in Tuscany, a bike tour with your partner is a great opportunity for having fun together and to increase your emotional bond.

In order to transform your Sunday bike tour in Tuscany in an unforgettable experience, it is important to be conscious of some critical aspects that could become a source of tension. Here you can find 6 suggestions based on my personal experience. Once you figure out what works best for the two of you, the satisfaction will be huge.

Between work, family time, and everything in between, it can be tough to find time to spend together. For this reason, I have considered the “Sunday bike tour in Tuscany” as a moment to recharge the batteries together in an active and healthy way.

I love all kind of bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, long excursions or crazy races like 24 hours MTB competition or triathlon. For this reason, my wife was a “bit” skeptical in joining me for a bike tour in Tuscany. In fact, despite my good intentions, our first time did not go very well. Likely, I have been able to get a second chance and this time I did not fail. Lesson learned!

If your partner doesn’t cycle but has expressed interest of  bike tour with you, you have a great chance. Your attention should be proportional to your bike ability/bike love: the more you love biking, the highest is the risk of underestimating the critical aspects. Here you can find my bits of advice.

Sunday in Tuscany – 6 elements to consider for the perfect bike tour:

  1. Enthusiasm is good but too much enthusiasm could be a problem. It is easy to forget how long it took for us to master basic cycling skills, and in your enthusiasm to show them how fun it is, rushing them into rides that are easy for you but not for them is definitively not the right approach.
  2. Sharing info is useful but doesn’t overwhelm her/him with too much information too soon. Cover the basics first and make sure they’ve got it before moving on.
  3. Enjoy the ride and take it easy. Your goal is to keep it fun so that they enjoy the rides. Remember, it’s easy for experienced cyclists to ride too fast without realizing it.
  4. Breaking the ride into smaller chunks can make it easier to keep going. Something special to see or do is a real best practice.
  5. Quality bike and the right gear can make the difference. On this aspect, I am a fan of e-bikes. In these cases, e-bikes can really make the difference.
  6. Cycling fashions can help get your partner even more excited about cycling. It is also an opportunity for an unexpected gift.

Sometime, experiences done during a vacation could help the couple to discover a new way to stay together in a healthy and fun way, and this would be amazing and the beginning of a new chapter together.

Our friendly bike tour leaders would be delighted to accompany you during this experience. We have several e-bike tours across Tuscany that would allow you to discover the region in a slow, romantic and healthy way. We believe that our mix of ingredients like our wine tasting experience, the  museums or the wonderful SPA will exceed your expectations.

Take a look at our Tuscany electric bike tours and call us if you need more info or if you are looking for something different/special. We would be happy to help you materialize your dreams!

Sunday in Tuscany - Bike tour with my wife